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Rods Food @ Petland This Week!

In our efforts to elevate the quality of foods we feed, Petland Omaha will be carrying Rods Food! Rods food should be arriving later this week. We will carry the full line of Original, Herbivore, Fish Only, Predator, and Coral foods.


If you want to feed your reef, we've got what you need. Stop in later this week to learn more about Rods food, or visit their website ([url=http://rodsfood.com/](Rods Food)[/url]) to learn more today.

Enjoy! We look forward to seeing some of you later this week!

We have it in store and a few of you have already been in to snag some!

Check it out, it's in the freezer.

We also have some dry seaweed from rods available and their Fish eggs product in the freezer.

See you soon!

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