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Mario P- Negative Buyer Feedback


After a week of trying to finalize this sale, I regretfully must post some negative feedback for Mario.

I had my 75 gallon system posted for sale on this site last week. On Wednesday, I received a call from Mario saying he was interested, so I sent him photos. He later called back and agreed to purchase the aquarium system (that was running at the time). We agreed that he would arrive Saturday morning at around 11:00 to pick up the tank. Finally, around 3:00 on Saturday, he showed up at my house to see/get it, and told me he needed to run to the bank to get the needed cash. He said he would be back directly. So... I began breaking down the system, placing all the animals and rock in buckets, and disassembled all the plumbing. Guess what? Mario was a no-call, no-show to retrieve the system. So, I had 9 buckets of animals and rock dying in my garage, with no place to put them. I called Jim at Nebraska Aquatic Supply, who graciously told me he would hold said items until I could figure something out. After hauling everything to Jim's shop, and shortly after leaving, Mario called stating his sister was in emergency surgery. Ok, so I could understand that, right? Mario stated he would be at my house between 11 and 12 on Sunday to get the system. Jim said he could pick up the live goods at his shop anytime on Sunday. Guess what? No call, no show. I have left repeated messages for him to call me, all to no avail. I would understand if he was busy caring for his sick family, but he had time to go to Nebraska Aquatic Supply on Sunday afternoon. In my mind if he had time go to the fish store, he had time to give me a courtesy call (if for nothing else, to tell me he didn't want the thing any longer).

Thank you to Jim and Joe at Nebraska Aquatic Supply for helping me to avert a very costly disaster.

--Chad Hart

Ouch! That is basically a nightmare!


Mario has called and apologized for the delays, and claims to still want the tank. He is to be here at 7pm tomorrow to pick up the tank.

Apprehensively anticipating progress...


I had the same experience with him recently while trying to sell my Biocube. Scheduled a meeting at 1PM on Sunday, told me he would be at his house in an hour. No call, no show. Waited 30 minutes. Didn't even bother to call me afterward to apologize. Good luck.

Tack on $50 for a serious inconvenience.

This totally sucks...I hate it when people pull this crap. I've had similar experiences with people wanting to buy a frag or a piece of equipment and can't even imagine what a headache it would be to have your entire system down with livestock in buckets, etc. Stuff happens, but I just don't buy it that they can't call back in a timely manner and have the courtesy to tell you they can't make it. Stuff happens, but sometimes its just to "convenient" that it happens at the exact moment when they are supposed to meet up with you (uhhh..my dog ran away, uhhh..had a flat tire). If I was in Vegas, my bet would be on the buyer getting cold feet after seeing everything. I hope it all comes through fine in the end for you Chad, you've gone way above and beyond being "understanding" in the case as far as I'm concerned.

I am all for buyer/seller feedback posts for this very reason.

Update 2:

Well, it is nearly 8:15pm, and still no call and no show from Mario. Classy kind of guy to do this not once but twice. Hopefully my experiences will prevent this from happening to anyone else here.

Baxter, you know I dont speak Spanish! what a bummer dood.

Hey Chad,

Did you get any of this correspondence back and forth with him via email. Is there anything in writing with him agreeing to buy this at the price you agreed upon. If there is anything in writing, I would talk to a lawyer to see if you have any grounds to take this clown to small claims court. Does anyone know who this guy is and where he lives. I would pay him a visit and ask what it up with this. Just thought I would see if there is anything you might have to use against him legally. Any lawyers out here that could chime in on this.

Im fairly certain that taking something like this to court would result in nothing more then Chad paying out more money via filing fees. Judges can be hard to read; in a situation like this I can see a judge saying that email correspondence does not equal a contract to purchase and, no offense to Chad, I can also see the judge saying that Chad jumped the gun by draining the tank before getting the money in hand (I know all of us think it was cool for Chad to get things ready for a smooth transfer though). It sucks to have a sale fall through like this, but in the end the buyer always has the option to back out regardless of if its the right thing to do. Either way I think this thread has served it's purpose, ie to leave a negative feedback for a buyer. Hopefully the situation resolves itself or Chad finds another buyer..

Points to consider if you want to be considered a good buyer:

[li]Don't say "I'll take it" unless you are 100% sure you can follow through with that statement, if your not sure its usually fine to ask to take a look at the item before you commit to buying it[/li]
[li]Keep the communication lines open, life happens but if you can't make an appointment or need to back out of a sale be upfront about it.[/li]
There are probably several more points, but following these two "rules" will prevent a lot of problems.


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