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Aiptasia Zapper DIY. (Lots of Pictures)


Nice write-up. I went ahead and made this a sticky.

[quote="jdiefenbaugh" post=9716]Nice write-up. I went ahead and made this a sticky.[/quote]

Honored, thanks guys and glad I can be of assistance. If anyone makes one, please post your modifications.

Also, I failed to explain this. When you use it, you dangle the graphite part in tank while you zap with the other end. Not sure that was clear or not.

Hey do you still have it. I just saw an aiptasia in my tank and was hoping if i can borrow this from you.

Thanks for the brilliant article! Just one question - how is the graphite connected to the wire?



Bunbury, Western Australia.


Thank you for your post....being that it is an older thread I would also consider directly messaging the member who posted it. If not I'm sure someone else in the forum could answer your question. Awesome to see someone from Australia commenting on the forum.

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Hey, there you go. Made me smile getting to talk about fish stuff. Tank has been down for a few years now. ๐Ÿ™

Take a peek at step #7. That white tube, I believe, was from my RODI. All I did was shave the graphite down and epoxy it into the end of the tube. The bigger part of the graphite is exposed to the water, hence the holes. I am sure there are better methods to secure the graphite. This solution is what my little mind came up with that day.

Thank you for responding to this thread that you created over 6 yrs. ago......awesome that someone today was able to get some use of it and from Australia of all places lol


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