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Petland Coral Order 9-29!

Frag Fest @ Petland this week!

So many awesome frags to see this afternoon, plus a few ultra grade scolys and sponges. If you're into clams, we have three of the nicest (two of the largest) in the area.

Emerald Crabs galore - 60 in stock - $4.99 each!

Frag list-

Blue rim confusa (monti)
Strawberry Shortcake Acros
Reverse Shortcake Acros
Red Planet Tabling Acros
Purple + Green Secale Acros
Ice Fire Echinata Acros
Hulk Acros
Forest Tenuis Acros
Green beret Acros
Neon Caroliniana Acros
Purple and Pink Echinophyllia
Super Red Echinophyllia
Red Encrusting Montis
Crayola Acros

plus red finger sponges and orange paddle sponges, and you'll have to see the Ultra grade scolys for yourself.

See ya soon!

Are you going to get any reef-pods in today?

Petland is really getting better livestock than i have seen there in years I picked up a scoly the other day that is awsome. They are getting in some real grade A and ultra products.

Reef pods will be here Monday! Just got off the phone with ORA.

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