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hermit crabs keep dying?


[quote="REEFMAN101" post=9216]out of 15 blue legs hermits i had in my tank only 6 r still alive.i had only 2 survivors out of 10 hermits that i bought from AP 3 months ago so then i went on NAS' opening day and i bought 5 more but now i found another hermit dead,every time i find one dead its always out of its shell and yes it is the body not shedded skin.also i had 4 peppermint shrimps and 2 cleaners but yet again a month ago they all were wiped out somehow. i did see a peppermint floating around in the tank half dead half alive and my scopas tang ate it, could he be the problem?one of my cleaners died because he went into that shock cause it looked like he was choking then he died.my other cleaner dissapeared and nowhere to be found all of the shrimps lasted in my tank for 3 months until this happened.this dying thing keeps getting me so P.O. what am i doing wrong? i acclimated them by taking out half of the water in the bag and replace it with my tank water and wait 7min after the time is up i repeat the same thing.my nitrates nitrites r all good but could it be the phosphates[/quote]

One additional thing to consider is the tank you are using...did you buy it used? or new? if you bought it used or used it previously for freshwater, sometimes people use copper to treat freshwater fish for ich and if that is the case, it could very well be your problem.

Id suggest getting some copper test strips.

i dont think its a mantis because i havent herd any clicking and by now i should have seen him but i will still be on the look out.i actually got the tank from a friend for free and if it was copper all my corals would probably be dead by now but i still went to test my water at NAS just in case and they said i didnt have any copper in my tank.

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