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Pulsing xenia, what's going on?


Thanks everyone, I will double check on the water chemistry and look into an anemone. I do have one question regarding adding an anemone. I am a little concerned that even if I added an anemone the clown might not be interested in leaving the xenia behind... is that something anyone has had experience with?

[quote="jochs25" post=8523]Thanks everyone, I will double check on the water chemistry and look into an anemone. I do have one question regarding adding an anemone. I am a little concerned that even if I added an anemone the clown might not be interested in leaving the xenia behind... is that something anyone has had experience with?[/quote]
I actually have had experience with this ๐Ÿ™‚ I had a beautiful yellowstripe maroon clown at one point but no anemone...it hosted a colony of hammer that I had...after adding an LTA, it immediately hosted it...in fact, it was quite funny because literally as I was adding the LTA to my tank with it still in the bag, the clown was already up buzzing around by it...as I lowered it in my hand from the bag to the tank where i wanted it to locate, the clown was in it as I lowered it...lol

There are cetainly no guarantees but I'd say the chances are very good that it would leave the xenia and host an anemone.

Again, I would recommend first checking water quality and even after that, as LandShark mentioned, they most likely will move around in your tank...I had a friend recently who had one get caught up in a Koralia pump...it survived, but barely.

I agree with Jb about the conditions to keep an anemone. Should have further elaborated on that.

What you might want to try to do, if your tank conditions are ripe for adding an anemone, is get an anemone that will not be too great a challenge for you to keep and try it. Make sure it is one that your clowns will host in. Some clowns will not host certain types of anemones. You can find this info online or ask someone at the LFS if they can help. I would suggest checking with Aquapets or Ruff about an anemone that would be suitable for your clowns. If you find the clowns are not showing much interest, you might want to try to temporarily move your xenia to a friend's tank to make them move somewhere else. If this does not work or is not feasible for you to do, the other option might be to take your current clowns and trade them to one of the LFS for another pair of the same type. This will introduce new fish into your tank that have not gotten accustomed to living in your xenia. These should be more willing to host in the anemone at that point. Hope this helps.

All good advice from everyone. I had clowns being hosted by my xenia back when I had my 10g with no problems; that said, that same clown DESTROYED a bubble coral. I'm more apt to think it could be something up with your water though.

[quote="Landshark" post=8519]What everyone is suggesting about checking tank chemestry is certainly worth a look. I will just comment on my experiences with clowns hosting in things other than anemones. I do not keep clowns at all anymore after having them host in and cause the ultimate demise of some of my corals. These corals where very healthy and vibrant and in the tank long before the clowns got there. I did not have an anemone in the tank and was told I did not need one. This much earlier in my reefkeeping experience. While a clown does not actually need an anemone to survive in a tank, they will certainly find a suitable replacement host if one is available. Many times that host is some form of soft or LPS coral that may not like this constant clown companionship at all. I found this out the hard way with the two clowns I had moving into one coral. After three weeks of the constant harassment, the coral just stopped opening up and died. They then moved onto another coral in my tank with the same result. As you might guess, I found another home for the clowns and no more issues with corals dying. I have no proof that the clowns killed these corals, but these were healthy corals that were thriving in my tank for more than two years until they moved in. I think this is too much coincidence that both corals were healthy for a long time and both died shortly after the clowns moved in. Water parameters were excellent during this entire process because it was the first thing I checked and checked a couple of times a week during this period. Also had not moved anything around in the tank or added any new livestock for many months before adding the clowns. Long way of saying that the clowns certainly could be responsible for the xenia not opening up like they used to. Skipper has some great advice there. Get yourself an anemone you know is favored by the type of clowns you keep and this should take care of the problem. Just remember the anemones can and will move from time to time, so this can create its own set of issues to deal with. Good luck. :)[/quote]

+++++++1 I have had the same experience. I have lost a few really nice LPS corals due to clowns hosting in them. I am just glad my toadstool got big enough for them. That coral can take whatever.

This had been highly informative thread for me. I had been planning to add clown fishes and almost bought on last visit to ruff but i was told that it will outgrow my tank. I do like soft corals and LPS and have a pulsating xenia, i think i would only go for a clown if i get a BTA first or with it.

A little bit of an update, water parameters for the most part are still checking out great with the exception of the pH maybe being a little low. I decided that my problem might in some way be related to water movement and after increasing the flow past the xenia they are no longer elongated and have resumed pulsing. The clown also is spending a significantly smaller amount of time harassing them with the change in the water movement.


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