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Great experience! Bought a clean-up crew and some mangroves. Great prices, fast shipping, packed well. Even received a personal email from (what I assume is) the owner/manager asking about my satisfaction with the order. If you haven't yet, check them out.

Where are you putting the mangroves?

John does a fantastic job there at reefcleaners, I've made two orders from him, once when i started up my tank in the dead of winter and some of the coldest winter weather I've experienced for as long as I could remember and I didn't have a single DOA.

A definite A+ shop!

I just got a cleaner crew from these guys and the customer service was top notch! John answered all my emails very quickly and was very caring and helpful with any issue or problem anytime there was one of the many times I have used them.

Is there a minimum order ?
Or can a few of us that want to share a larger order ?

I hate to just get a small one for my wife's 29g.
Once my reefs us and running, I'll get some more for both tanks.

He is a great guy, and you can buy packages based on size of the tank. However, John is well known for not being able to count so when it says 20 dwaft certh you can expect at least 25-30.
He gets a bit closer if you order rock however. Nano-reef has called it Mahoney math πŸ™‚

[quote="427HISS" post=25150]Is there a minimum order ?
Or can a few of us that want to share a larger order ?[/quote]

I know you get free priority mail over $50 and free express over $175. Rock not included tho. I have never done a group order with them, but it says free shipping after $200 for groups. Not sure if rock is included or not in group buys.

But like mike said you will always get some extras in there haha πŸ˜‰

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