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[attachment]C:fakepath2011-06-02 20.57.45.jpg[/attachment]

๐Ÿ™ This truely saddens me to type this...it seems i cant win with this hobby.. I am selling my 180 gallon saltwater setup and everything in it. I have a 5" hippotang, and huge sailfin tang, 2 yellow tangs,3 beautiful clowns one with a black saddle on him..the pair is a proven laying pair have laid and hatched multiple eggs from them...about 8 or 9 large chromis, 10" engineer goby,copperband butterfly, diamond goby, turbo snails, crabs, humungous RBTA, just a beautiful speciman. and various other frags, large hammer colony, frogspawnc montipora cap hufe euro reef skimmer,with a brand new sedra 5000...hasnt even been plugged in yet...the lights are 4 400 watt haledes with vho's and led, the lights are phenomenol...with ballast,,,they are over 1300 dollars themselves....I would like to sell everything togethere but if i get enough interest i will seperate....but all together i will sell for 2000

[attachment]C:fakepath2011-06-02 20.58.07.jpg[/attachment]

[attachment]C:fakepath2011-06-02 20.57.45.jpg[/attachment]

What are the dimensions of the tank? Is there a stand with it?

Thats a real bummer your having such bad luck. If you get to the point where you are going to sell the livestock separate please let me know, I'm interested in the breeding pair of clowns. What kind of clowns are they?

whats the problem? i haven't seen any help posts from you or anything.

thats really sad, you have awsome tank. Let me know if you decide to sell off livestock separate.

Interested in the coral banded if you part out and maybe the diamond goby . Let me know if you part out

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pm sent

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