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Auto Water Change???


The water softener containers work great

i am building an auto top-off and water change system as we speak. I found tanks at Dultmeier Sales on Industrial Road (Omaha). They have all sizes. I am using float switches, solenoid valves and mag pumps to do the job. I have a logic controller behind my system, but you can use a simple relay to control the power to a solenoid valve/pump setup to automate the process.

Here's link to a forum discussion on the topic.


Here is my layout:


Awesome Diagram Avdzinr, thanks for that!

Just to confirm something I "Think" is right. Your float switches for the ATO in the sump would be in the return chamber correct? I think that's where you see the most fluctuation in water level due to evaporation.

I was thinking of doing something similar, however I was going to join the "New saltwater" and the Drain into the return to my display. That way in theory I'd just flip a couple valves and water would go out the drain, and the new saltwater would go into the display. Not sure if that's better or worse overall, just different I think ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks man!


Everything other than the 2 display tanks are in the basement and I am pumping water back upstairs from the sump.

My ATO float switch is in the sump (in the return chamber). There is also a pair of floats in the RO/DI tank (low and high levels). The trick is the solenoid valve between the RO system and the holding tank and between the holding tank and the sump.

This is a work in progress. I engineered this out months ago and have all the parts here, but do not have this totally functioning yet. I got stalled out a couple of weeks ago. The two pumps on my holding tanks were sized according to the solenoid valve "max flow" specs. When I hooked everything up, the pumps chattered. I found out I was undersized on the feed lines to the pumps. I got a little bummed and stalled out (it should have just worked, right?). I'll be back on it this weekend.

I'm not sure I understand your method. Sketch it out on a piece of paper, scan or photo your diagram and we can take a look. I need lines and arrows and boxes (flow chart) to understand my own thoughts, let alone somebody else's.

This is a good topic though. I think lugging buckets gets old and has killed the hobby for more than a few people.

second the nice diagram... for my own purposes i was leaning towards more human control less automation because i will have freshwater and salt using the same RODI and storage tanks.Would be to costly and way over the top to try to fully automate 8 tanks ore more

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