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Auto Water Change???


Anybody out there running a plc to run there systemlike i am? 😉 Ive been sitting on the auto water change for quite some time and all at my finger tips just need to get it done....

[quote="SomthingsFishy" post=6198]Anybody out there running a plc to run there systemlike i am? 😉 [/quote]

You are probably the only person in the world, Kevin 😆

Kevin, Can you tell us more about your auto water changes? what pumps do you use? do you use float switches?

[quote="Patmack" post=6216]Kevin, Can you tell us more about your auto water changes? what pumps do you use? do you use float switches?[/quote]

Hey Pat,

I don't actually have this running, but it can be as simple or difficult as you want it to be. Ultimately you would want to automate the fresh water fill, salt additive, mixing time, water drainage, and water additive to the tank.

Ive been fine with this but ive always siphoned my crushed coral where i could get to it so ive never completed it. Also my current system is a HOB gravity siphon system which wouldn't work with water changing automatically.

Anyway hoping to implement this if i ever get the new tank installed....

fridaynightswings has a system on his biocube29gal ran off his apex.

I had to dumb it down pretty simple so I could get it to work. its semi auto. its basically hitting switches on my phone to turn pumps on and off. When I do my 120 again some day, I'll set it up again with something much more automated. If you want some help or insight doing an auto water change, lemme know, I can share with you all the problems I ran into, and 2 brains are definitely better than 1. I got pretty burned out trying to figure programming out.

Thought I would see if we could get this topic started again... Just setting up a new fish room and want to incorporate a way to stop carrying buckets from the basement,, Lets see some pics of or hear some thoughts on automating our life...

I am going to get an auto water change setup up and going here when I move using a LiterMeterIII. Gonna find a second unit here soon and I will be ready to implement it into my system.

I used a mag 24 for mixing and it shots straight up thru my return vent right by my tank i still gave to sick it out by hand tho

i was thinking i would use a mag to pump the water from my mixing station and just use gate valves and switches to control the flow. The biggest hurdle i need to overcome would be there isnt any drains on the side of the house to use for waste. I would have to pump water probably 100 feet to a drain in the basement. On a side note does anyone know of a local source to get a 35 gallon or bigger water storage tank?


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