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Nebraska Marine Society calls it Quits


Bummer. I wonder if the people who just signed up get their money back. It was awesome when it was OMS. Sad to see it go.

Unfortunetly the revolving BOD probably didn't help them any. I have very strong opinions on this subject so I will reserve my commentary to just say its a shame that this once proud club has folded.

It is sad to hear ๐Ÿ™ ...

disappointing to say the least.

im just glad we have a place to go here with NAR.

I to am curious about the dues. im sure members such as my self with only a few months left on their membership would not really care. but what if you just signed up a month ago?

I dont know how to feel about it, i havent been here long enough to know of them. I did found NAR through them. Well actually i found a post about ruffwaters on their and scott ruff told me about NAR. I almost paid them membership dues a week ago. I could easily see that it was like a dying ghost town. The king is dead, long live the king ;).

as a long time member I am also sad to see it go, however I enjoy NAR and know the reefing hobby in the area will continue alive and strong.

Well, as much I as I liked this club, im not entirely upset to see it go. There were so many "clicks" on the site and they personally attacked people that had other opinions than them. I beg that the Mods on NAR continue to do a great job and squash and of the BS that in my opinion pushed to many good people away.

Thanks for the kind regards, we will strive to please!

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