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Hello Reefers


Your see the algea issue I am having with the 75. Turbo snails on the way as well as phos meter. Just a couple more.






still need to work on the photography and maybe the spelling??

[quote="anstine" post=114]...The PC are 16 months and the T5s are 10 months old. Time to replace both I imagine...[/quote]

[quote="jdiefenbaugh" post=136]I wouldn't run any PC bulb past 3 months :lol:...[/quote]

๐Ÿ˜† Pushing power compacts to 16 months is "riding dirty" in the reefing world. I've done it a few times myself.:lol:

Looks good man and so do the pics. Did you decide to try biopellets? If so, let me know what you think of it. I just started running a dual GAC/GFO reactor to try to help with some hair algae in my new tank. Do you run your BRS reactor 24/7? Do you notice any difference if you take it offline for awhile?

Tank has been dormant for 8 months. Need some good crusty live rock to seed it in a few weeks. Anyone have a few chunks at a reasonable price??

Welcome back after your 6 Yr hiatus. I have some man-made rock crawling with pods. (some made by me and some Reel Reef Rock tonga branch style)
It does have a few aptasia on it, but nothing devastating.


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