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Hello Reefers


Chris Anstine. Was invited to join Newagereef and I am always searching for good and useful info. Short bio -35 years in freshwater(most SA chilids) and was introduced to SW/Reef aquaria 2.5 years ago. Started with a 75 DT and soon upgraded to a system comprised of 75g DT, 120g DT,20g long fuge all connected thru a 40g breeder sump. Using T5s on the 125 with good(so far) coral growth and PCs over the 75 which is mostly soft corals. Still a work in progress (aren't they all).Will upload photos to gallery soon. Always looking for suggestions. Other interests are baseball, music,home improvement,gambling and (according to my wife) beer.

Welcome to the site! Feel free to spread the word!

Bad pic. Best I have on this laptop.

I like the dog leg look with one tank 90-degrees from the other. Pretty cool...

[quote="Kona boy" post=67]I like the dog leg look with one tank 90-degrees from the other. Pretty cool...[/quote]
+1, thats a cool setup.

I take bad pics. Any tips on using a digital to get better???



I don't think the photos look bad. One thing I try and do to get really good photos is use a tripod and turn off any other lights in the room (for tank shots). With the room lights off you wont get the glare from the glass. I also like to turn the flash off. The tripod will keep the camera nice and still so you don't get any of the blur.

I really like your setup too. I followed along when you were building it.

What kind of camera are you using? The pics don't look bad, they are kind of grainy though. That usually happens when the ISO is set higher (400+). Some point and shoots allow you to manually set the ISO; if yours does I would set it to 100 or 200. Also, like Brad said, a tripod always helps.

What lighting do you use on each tank? I think the photos look.



The 75 has PCs(that Jd loves) and the 125 has T5s (that JD loves as well). I think actinic only in those pics. Have explored a bit on LEDs and building my own retro kits but still have questions. Here are a few more after a bit of playing with the camera.


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