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Neptune Systems

Well, after supporting them for years, I was recently let down by Curt Pansegrau in Customer Service. I have recently had a problem with my EB8. Outlet 5 would not work even if I manually turned it on. I stated this in the 1st email I sent him. I also let him know that when in manual on, I tested it with my outlet tester, and got an open neutral. He insisted that he run a diagnostic check on the apex. Finally he came to the realization that the EB8 was broken. He requested I send the EB8 in (at my own cost), they would repair it, and send it back to me. Who knows how long that would take? I have my system running on this now, and can't afford to do this. I offered to purchase one from them, and once I got that one, I'd set it up, and send them the old one back, then they could refund my money, like a one for one swap. He said they didn't do that there. I'm pretty unhappy with this.

That is a bummer.

Id say keep pestering them there about it.

[quote="maxst2" post=5690]That is a bummer.

Id say keep pestering them there about it.[/quote]
:aayeahthat: I would guess though that they just don't want to get burned. I'm sure there are people out there that would just keep both units and not send the one in after they got the new one.

I can see that Brad. But I offered to purchase one from them, once I recieved it, I would have mailed the bad one back for repair. once it was fixed, they could mail it back, and I could mail the new one back to them for a refund. Sort of liek a deposit. I ended up getting another one. I could use two.

If anything you'll be ready if it happens again..

I also found them to be less then accomidating when I had an issue with a DC8. I just bought a new one instead of trying to have them repair it......

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