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Upgrade Time... 29gal BioCube

Setup eta early Jan... i hope.

Very nice. ๐Ÿ™‚ I remember the days when the upgrading the biocube was new, we didnt have half of that sweet stuff. I had a 29g with a plexi-glass top and 175w MH for a couple years.
Oh and good choice on the Vortec. Ive had mine running for 4 years non stop and haven't had any problems, however Ive had lots of rio and koralia pumps that went out after a year or 2..

Starting a tub of saltwater today to cure the rock i got. need to get it going for when i move i can get the tank setup and running to xfer over 10gal contents.

I'll rework the 10gal and mod the fuge for a mechcanical filter element since it needs that.

Oh... also got a power inverter to power a powerhead and heater to transport the rock and such when it comes time to move.

Simmering away...


Well I finally got everything out of a rubbermaid tub and into the cube.

Fatalities from the move:
Green Birdsnest
Aussie war coral
Turbo snail - hermit attack
red acro

Not really looking good:
All the zoas are still mostly closed up
Acan is rough looking, but FAR better after a couple days, but nothing like it was before
Hammerheads are partially out but not fully

Things that are good:
Pair of clowns, getting used to the tank but are eating and doing ok.
Peppermint shrimp - I have no idea how this lil guy is alive!
3 hermits
Handful of Nerite snails

Good to hear ya got it up and running...Sorry to hear bout the livestock die off....Hope to see some pic's soon on the new setup!!

Actually took one this morning. And one of a rough shot of my RO setup.



looks like a good start bud...I'm like'n that scape ya got going...makes me wish i would have put some more thought into mine when i started...i like the look of that type of rock. NAS had a bunch of that curing the last time I was up there.. i bought a couple small pieces...wish I would have known about it when I first started the tank...would piled it in the cube lol

I have a question for you. Did you cure any of this rock before moving everything into your tank. If not, be prepared for possible other problems to follow. You will need to watch your water parameters really close and will more than likely experience some pretty crazy swings in these until the rock gets cured. These swings could certainly cause issues with the rest of your corals as well. Even if you did cure the rock, there is not much growing on it to help stabilize the tank. You may experience some pretty robust algae outbreaks as well. You should try to get some more live rock in there to help colonize the new rock. Just watch things closely for awhile and be ready to do some water changes until the tank stabilizes. Good luck!

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