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Upgrade Time... 29gal BioCube

First a few mods to it.
Chamber One: Punched out false floor
Chamber Two: Punched out false floor
Chamber Three: Nothing done

Scratch n sniiiiffff: removed paint on back for fuge lighting.

Now some goodies to go in it!

I thought about making media rack and making a fish guard. But... you know I really don't have any time for myself to sit down and actually do it. I've repeatedly seen people post about InTank media baskets. I went to the site and made myself an order.

Tunze collection cup - no hacking hood to get it to fit like stock on.

Media rack that fits in chamber two with the tunze 9002 skimmer

Fish guard:

Found ( and was in stock there!!! ) Rio 6HF replacement upgrade return pump:

I also picked up a thing of Purigen for it as well.

For lighting, here is what I have so far:

Why, I don't know, but I originally got drivers that weren't dimmable. Got with place i got them and got the right drivers and pots to be able to dim the led's. Just need to make the connections then setup the driver to dim right and such.

Got a koriala 750 in the tank - and day by day im pondering just getting a bloody mp10 to put in it. (and i just might at the rate im putting this together) 30lbs of sand as well. Also picked up a mini ro unit and a basic tds meter. This was just for being in the apartment and likely put it in parallel with a larger system to make it more efficient, or have it as a back up i don't know...just tired of driving to ruff waters every Saturday before work for water ( love to visit with everyone there, they are a great bunch, but if i forget to go or something comes up I am SOL on water - which has happened. >_<)

I have one issue... I know I am going to move at the end of the year. With baby on the way and me saving as much as I can for a house and baby items, I thinking on just holding off until I move then xfer the tank right to a new home then.

Looks like you picked up some sweet gear.

Very nice looks like you got pimped!

Mini water treatment system i got:

Ok well.. i have everything at this moment to get my LED's all done up. Just need to fine the time to do it now.

Sat down today and made all led to led connections and pigtails for pots and such...

Till next time!

Nice progress, lets see some pics!

ugh.. really sucks I only have one day to mess with this (monday)

Update on this:

LED's are done, mounted and ready to go - need timers yet
30lbs of sand
30lbs of Dry Rock
Vortec MP10
Under water light for fuge
75 GPD 5 stage BRS RO/DI with drinking water and 150GPD upgrade kit
Innovative Marine Spin Stream - Return Nozzle - [url]http://www.marinedepot.com/Innovative_Marine_Spin_Stream_Return_Nozzle_Accessories-Innovative_Marine-0I10200-FIAQAA-vi.html[/url]

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