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Grand Cayman


[quote="Juicycub" post=4833]Sounds like a great trip!! Lets hear more :)[/quote]


Part 3

Its been awhile since then but remembering back to the trip brings a couple of things to mind! Absolutely important is to drag your feet while walking on the flat of sand as to not step on one of these slimy "feeling" creatures to provoke any instinctive protective behavior. They did not have a slime to them, like a residual material that stayed on your hands after touching them, but that slick soft feeling almost exactly like an eel if you have ever felt one of those. They would come and go as pleased which was probably the worst thing because they would always show up on your back side and just brush up on you unannounced, which i never could get use to. Believe it or not, the camera man that took the pictures with the ray, my wife and i, did pictures with every couple / person on the deck boat WITH THE SAME RAY! They have a couple dog like rays trained to stay for treats and take pics, i thought that was so mystifying!

More to come to be continued if people are interested!

Love that place. When we went, we took jet skis out to the rays. Now that was a blast.


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