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Great video on why some clams need to be on rocks

I know this has come up before, ie: "is it ok to put 'insert type of clam' on the sand bed." This video does a great job at explaining why crocea and maxima clams should be placed on a rock surface while other clams like dursas can be placed on the sand:

Thanks for the video. I never knew that about clams.

Very interesting and good to know... Glad i have a dersa for my first clam. It is doing very well but loves to blow sand all over every once in a while. ๐Ÿ˜†

Good info and video.

So, the predators they are talking about getting through the byssal gape and killing the clams are common hermits, bristleworms, etc? Not just the known predators like pyramidellid snails?

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