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Sweet dive video

I saw this video on RB today, just another reason I would love to get dive certified!
[video size=100 width=425 height=344 type=vimeo]16139514[/video]

Nooo...that's just stuff I shot the last time I cleaned my old system LOL. Really though, have you thought about the DiVentures classes? I would do it, but the costs on the 210 are way too much to sink another 2K into SCUBA. Perhaps next year.

I have thought about going through their class but right now I'm in the same boat as you are plus there isn't any good diving that I know of around here. One of these days though I'll do it.

If you guys are serious, let me know. I can get you the name of a guy who can certify you, he may take you as a side job...

Thanks Chad, after the holiday season I might take you up on that.

[quote="Skipper" post=52]Thanks Chad, after the holiday season I might take you up on that.[/quote]

No video can do the reefs justice! It is worth every penny!

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