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Need to trim back anthillia...Need Help!


Same here. Probably wouldn't do anthelia again because of the rapid spreading.

Definitely go for the peeling method wherever you can. After that, with the scraper. One thing I would recommend is having a siphon tube on the spot you are scraping. That way you don't have pieces blowing all over the tank starting new colonies. Once that's done, you might consider kalk pasting those spots.

I use these they work well for gripping and pealing it off of the rockwork!


They are at DF&S

Thanks for all the help! I got it trimmed back. I took the rock out (I have managed to contain it to one rock...for now) and my wife throw a fit about me taking it out. She likes it...of course:S . I guess I better keep her happy if I want to stay in this hobby! ๐Ÿ™‚ I used a kent stainless steel scraper and with some patience it peeled off.
Stunk to high heaven! :sick: I removed the pieces in a bucket to make sure I didn't have anthillia floating around the tank!

Thanks again for all the quick replies!

Found a floater in my tank the other day that got sucked up by my MP10. So I figured throw it in the fuge, what the hell right? That piece is now growing in my fuge off of a 6500k daylight bulb from Home Depot. This stuff is indestructible!


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