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Apex Users!

I thought I'd start a thread for the people who use the Apex Aquacontroller. I wanted to share in here programming, how to's, help, and cool stuff you can do with it.

I'll kick it off with cool stuff I do with mine

- Auto top off
- Auto water change
- Email/text message alerts set to my personal preferences
- Remote access via my iPhone and the internet

As for me, I have my temp set to turn on at 77.7, and shut off at 78.0 I My lights are set to Reef time, but delayed an hour so I can see them a about when I wake up. My fuge light is set to turn on when my actinics are off. I also set my koralias, return pump,ATO, and skimmer to shut off when I do a water change.

If you'd like to see any programming for this, just lemme know. If you'd like to see an AWESOME guide on how to set them up, check out this PDF

[url=http://reeftech.webs.com/Apex%20New%20User%20Guide.pdf]Unofficial Apex Guide PDF[/url]

Hope you find this helpful!

Nothing fancy for mine, but here's what I do:

3 stages of lighting for my display: Actinic, MidDay, and Daylight
+ a Fan
+ pH controller for my calcium reactor's solenoid
Each 3x60" ballast does about 3.9 amps, so that is the only equipment on that power box

[b]DC8 (From my old ACJr setup)[/b]
Heaters and my 250w MH on my sump

I actually just recently redid this layout, so I may end up adding the powerheads to the controlled outlets as well. I think each HK8 is only 0.16A, so I have plenty of room there. I have two 20A circuits for my fish room, so the EB8 is on one and the DC8 on the other. I use an American DJ power strip w/ rocker switches for the other stuff now.

Temp is also controlled between 77.7 and 80. Calcium reactor is set to a trigger point of 6.60. I'm not using the reef time, just the 11-11, 12-10, and 1-9 times for lighting. MH on sump is reverse photo period from 11pm-11am.

I have email/sound alerts set up when:
temp 80
ph 8.25
reactor > 6.70
reactor < 6.50

Can't forget the Apex app for the my Droid. Easy to check status remotely, control an outlet, or pull up a graph. Great app for a few bucks

Have you guys updated to the latest 4.04 firmware and webpage updates? I just did the other day. Also, FWIW, Neptune has top notch customer service.

I'd have to agree, their customer service is outstanding! I havent tried updating. From what I've seen in the Neptune forums on RC, there have been quite a few problems. Plus, I have a mac, and updating is never easy with those. Unless there is something awesome that comes with the update, I wont fix what ain't broken!

I went ahead and made this a sticky, I think having a bunch of good info about the apex all in one location is a great idea!

Lets see your code!

[quote="Patmack" post=2511]Lets see your code![/quote]
I'll show you mine if you show me yours ๐Ÿ™‚
VarSpd1_I1 (base Var1)
Fallback OFF

VarSpd2_I2 (base Var2)
Fallback OFF

VarSpd3_I3 (base Var3)
Fallback OFF

VarSpd4_I4 (base Var4)
Fallback OFF

SndAlm_I6 (base Alarm)
If Temp > 80.0 Then ON
If Temp 08.25 Then ON
If pH 06.70 Then ON
If pH2 80.0 Then ON
If Temp 08.25 Then ON
If pH 06.70 Then ON
If pH2 06.60 Then ON
If pH2 < 06.60 Then OFF

Heater_A1 (Cntl:A1)
Fallback OFF
If Temp 78.0 Then OFF

Halide_A2 (Cntl:A2)
Fallback OFF
If Time 22:00 to 10:00 Then ON
Min Time 005:00 Then OFF

DC8_A3 (Cntl:A3)
Fallback OFF

DC8_A4 (Cntl:A4)
Fallback OFF

DC8_A5 (Cntl:A5)
Fallback OFF

DC8_A6 (Cntl:A6)
Fallback OFF

DC8_A7 (Cntl:A7)
Fallback OFF

DC8_A8 (Cntl:A8)
Fallback OFF

[b]Email Alarm[/b]

If Temp > 82.0 Then ON
If Temp 84.0 Then OFF
Min Time 030:00 Then OFF

[b]White LED's[/b]

Fallback OFF
If Sun 120/015 Then ON
If Temp > 84.0 Then OFF

[b]Fuge Light[/b]

Fallback OFF
If Outlet Actinic = ON Then OFF
If Outlet Actinic = OFF Then ON


Fallback OFF
If Temp 78.0 Then OFF

Auto top-off[/b]

Fallback OFF
If Switch1 OPEN Then OFF
If Switch1 CLOSED Then ON
Min Time 015:00 Then OFF
If Outlet Water_Change = ON Then OFF
If FeedA 005 Then OFF
If FeedB 005 Then OFF
If FeedC 005 Then OFF
If FeedD 005 Then OFF

I can get my code up later if needed, but here is what my Apex is controlling:

2x MP40's via WXM
Controlling Metal Halides
Controlling T5
Controlling Moonlight
Controlling Sump Light
Controlling Skimmer Pump
Controlling Chiller and Chiller Pump
Controlling Return Pump
Controlling Heater
Monitoring PH, Salinity Temp

In progress:
ATO-99% Complete
Calcium Reactor
Neptune Lunar lights
Water on the floor sensors

Has anyone else done the DIY breakout box? If youre handy with soldering, give it a shot. Here is a good thread for it

[url=http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1847474&highlight=diy+breakout+box]DIY Breakout Box[/url]

No, I havent tried it yet. I didnt think the $20 for a break out box was to bad, but it doesnt seem to mine is working so maybe a DIY is in order if I cant get this one to work.

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