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Seahorse experience

Anyone have any experience keeping seahorses? A couple of years ago I had a nano tank and decided to try and keep seahorses. They are very cool to watch especially when they eat, after every bite they shoot a jet a water and material out the top of their head. I did have one problem when I kept them though. The male kept getting an air bubble in his pouch. I had to use a syringe to empty the air out several times. Both of them eventually died but they were cool when I had them.

I keep them in a 10g nano tank. One of them actually live for about a year or a little longer.

I always wanted to do some at home, but just don't have the time to commit to their proper care. Dwarfs are awesome, but unfortunately have a very short lifespan.

A very, very hard to keep-in-captivity animal. I had better luck with a kangaroo! haha but i didnt need to be as devoted and commited to spending time with the roo! I swear, seahorses are more intelligent and NEEDY than a kangaroo! try a rabbit first, or even a rabbitfish!if you can keep a rabbitfish happy in a tiny box, then try your patients with a pipefish/seahorse. Read about them and realize the devotion that goes into kepping them, not just alive, but thriving and multipling. I love pipefish, but dont have the everyday, everyhour devotion that goes into keeping them healthy and thriving.commitment!!!

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