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It has come to be that time of the year again where those who wish to renew their memberships for the 2019 Calendar year are asked to do so. 2018, was a good year marked with the highlight of the year being the Bill Wann tank tour where some of our members got a once in a lifetime chance to have a behind the scenes look at the largest privately owned reef tank, 20,000 gallons+ total, in the Northern Hemisphere; as well as, a backroom tour of Aquarium Engineering. With your 2019 renewal, OR New Membership, you get discounts at ALL local LFS stores in Omaha, along with FREE entry to the NAR Club Frag Swap and any NAR Club sponsored events that happen almost monthly. NAR Club is the only MASNA represented club in Nebraska according to its index. To renew just click on the 'Join Us!' link and select which membership best fits you and your needs. If you have any questions or are a prospective new member please feel free to contact me directly. Happy Holidays everyone!

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