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Top for 93 cube

So I'm cycling a 93 gallon cube, it is a rimless tank. My intention for the tank is to have an eel in it, along with a few other fish. My question is any ideas for a lid? I don't care about keeping it rimless, I'm fine with build a canopy as a safety for the eel. I just want to keep the eel in and be able to have a spot to feed. Will only need 1 cord going into the tank, everything else will be in the sump. Open to suggestions, thanks in advance! Not sure the correct section I should have put it in, so I picked this one.

There are people that buy Acylic lids kits that hang on the lip and have screen mesh to allow air transfer and light to get in...but for an Eel a canopy would be better for the weight of it. They are not too hard to make yourself you just want to be sure the inside if sealed. If you need some pointers or help, let me know.

Thanks Mike, slow to getting back to checking this. Would you just cut a small hole for any wires going in the tank? Ive thought about even doing the lid kit with 2 pieces of glass so I can remove one to feed/ access the tank and then put a canopy on top. My other thought was to get an acrylic lid with a mesh screen in the middle with some sort of access hole to feed. I would probably put a canopy over that as well. If I got a thick piece of glass then I might just do one piece setting on top using the weight of the glass. Wanting to start out with a very tiny eel to watch it grow.

If you decide to make an acrylic lid, I think I have some acrylic hinges you could use. I bought them to do something similar but never made it.

If your canopy has all 4 sides you don't really need glass/screen. With that, yes you just cut small holes where needed and try to make it as small as possible.

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