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2018 Frag Swap


The club will be hosting the annual frag swap June 9th
Embassy suites
12520 Westport pkwy
LaVista, NE 68128
(Same place as the Great Plains event a few yrs ago)

Vendors and Raffle items will be announced over the next several days....keep posted as we have so many great raffle items that your eyeballs could fall out of your head!!!

Yay, I'm always down for a good frag swap. See you guys there!

The 2018 NAR Frag Swap Raffle Items are rolling in everyone. Check out the pics of all of our raffle items and who donated them so far.




Thank you Ben Su, of Building An Obsession....he is donating a Standard Camera Tube, (2)-Personal TSA Legal Frag Transports, (1)-Insulated TSA Legal Frag Transport


Thank you Zoo Med for donating these raffle items



Thank you Coralife for your donations to the raffle


Thank you Santa Monica Filtration for donating an Algae Scrubber


Thank you SaltwaterAquarium.com, for donating these items to the raffle.


Thank you Hagen for donating the additives and powerhead for the raffle


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