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75G Mix Reef Build

Hey everyone,

So I have the opportunity to get a 75g. Will be picking up this up next weekend. Doing a mixed reef with few fish.
At this juncture I am only questioning lights. I ran the Lumentek Pro 240 on my last tank. No longer in business. I am still the cheap guy I was years ago and can

If I decide to get new ones they would be ocean revive. I've seen them on other tanks and like then a lot.

Reviewed ocean revive. Was compared to the Mars Aqua. Still slightly cautious. I

I've got mars aqua right now. They are alright for being cheap black boxes.

I run an ocean revive and have no issues at all, I can grow anything under them too.... I would say get 3 fixtures for your 75gal, and you would be more than covered. 2 fixtures would work, but might leave some low light areas in the corners of the tank, and if it's not an SPS dominated tank, you'll be fine

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