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75 Gallon Reef Tank

Figured I better make a tank build on here, since I have had the tank for close to 3 years and have been enjoying it for a year and a half.

I bought this 75 gallon reef ready tank used with canopy and stand. I originally was going to buy a 32 biocube, but came across this for a cheaper price. I couldn't pass up the deal. I had a 150 gallon freshwater tank at the time as well.


Life happened and home projects and expenses got in the way and the tank set empty for at least 8 months just waiting to be setup. I slowly pieced together parts and accessories for the tank as I could afford them. This tank was a budget build in many ways. In hindsight I would probably do a couple things differently as I have learned as I went, but have overall had a great experience.


I bought case of CaribSea Arag-Alive Special Grade Reef Sand for a base and then bought a variety of dry rock to start aquascaping.


I went with an Eshopps R-200 sump for the tank. 2 Jebao PP8 wavemakers and a Jebao dc Return pump. I also purchased a cheap uv steralizer and skimmer on eBay. I went with 2 Cobalt Neo-therm heaters to keep the tank at temp. I had bought a couple cheap eBay LED strip lights, but ended up finding a guy on Facebook selling a set of 3 Chinese LED boxes with a controller. Water was supplied from a 6stage 150gpd BRS system. I started with Instant Ocean Reef Crystals. So I began filling.


Once the tank was full and salt mixed up I let the tank cycle for at least 6 months just to be safe.



about time and a good start. That is a crazy long cycle, were you feeding the tank anything while it was empty to help the bacteria keep up?
How about a current tank shot?

I periodically would feed the tank, I probably have alot more to update, just need to go through my phone and find pictures. I sadly don't think I have a current picture of the tank as a whole, but will attach a couple that I do have.



Looking good Lemkau

Went down to KC for the weekend to visit my wife's cousin
and ended up buying a little bit of coral.

Where do you go down wn there? Heading down next month for a family thing.

There are a couple of places I went, but these are all from the reef rack, I have went to Paradise and Picasso's as well in the past.

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