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What are you lacking?

I want to know what is your biggest issue or thing that you don't understand.
It could be:
-how to put rockwork together and make it not look like a wall.
-I got my water test back but no idea what to do next.
-how do I remove a fish
-how to stay in a budget
-how to stick to my plan

I will admit water chemistry is the one thing I dislike the most and have the hardest time with. I am a lazy reefer and do not like testing (often every 3 months or less) so it is next to impossible to accurate accounts of what I did wrong. However, I have gotten pretty good telling by the look of the tank.

I would have to say aquascape in general, where do I put corals and rock work, to fly or not to glue, etc. I also have problems with water chenistry, I don

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