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They are still alive, so I will give you that. LOL

Paul, is there some tissue loss at the base in that first pic?

That was an area that was closest to the MP40 I moved it as soon as I started noticing that he white, it is slowly getting better than it was a few days ago...

Yours looks great Duncan

[quote="pely1975" post=37445]Yours looks great Duncan[/quote]
Thanks, I've had an explosion of growth from all of my sticks this last month. It's insane how much 2 part I'm dosing :silly:
I'm gonna enjoy it while I can.... Somehow my salinity managed to drift to 1.028, and I haven't seen any negative effect. Next week. Or the week after might be a different story.....this hobby is a slippery slope

Growing up! Here's
my July update

Anyone still growing the frag?

I think mine was the last one and sadly it went white over the last couple days.

Un-officially I will say it was just you two left and looks like congrats to Duncan-Junkie are in order.
I will leave it to Gerrit to make it official.

Still growing


Sorry, that I have not been responding recently. Has been a very busy summer....so Duncan-Junkie is the only one left? Anyone else? If not I will make it official and we can set up a time for you to get your gift card

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