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Ill post a picture of mine later today, but mine looks worse than mikes, so I have a feeling I will be out. Not really sure why I am having such problems with acros lately.


She gone, I'm going to have to assess what is going on in my tank before I add any more acros. The Millie from the grow out last year is still thriving, so hopefully it doesn't get messed up. Picture of frag before I pulled him.

I'm so sorry to see this AGAIN....wonder what it could be as everyone that is losing frags seems to be puzzled.

Mine is gone too except a few pieces of flesh. I moved in thing my 1G pico as it says stable as a rock with so little in there.
I am not too surprised by this as I still have my toadstool that does not play well.

Here is mine, starting to get some extension and white tips but the base is a bit worrisome. This is my first SPS though.



Mines growing pretty good, starting to encrusted on the rock work, and the tip has a bunch of branches shooting out. Hopefully I can keep up the great growth!

My Millie is still growing great from last year, so I am truly puzzled, but don't want to jinx that bad boy! I have a few pieces/types of coral that don't like my tank, so I am just going to wait to get any more acros for a while.

Just a confirmation for the update needed this week...Mine is gone. It lasted a few weeks in my 1G jar but there just wasn't enough tissue left.

Here is my update, still seems to be going slowly...



Killing it!


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