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Well, being that all but one frag from the last competition perished this thread is the Official Sign up Thread for the Growout Competition Reboot. All the rules from the previous competition applies. The frag that we will be competing with is the Surf & Turf Stag at Rivers and Reefs. For everyone in the previous competition your frags will be replaced by Justin for [b][u]FREE[/u][/b]. Being that I want the frags to heal for a couple weeks prior to pick up this competition will be open to new participants and will be $20 for a frag. Pick up will be on April 8. Good luck to everyone in the Reboot.

When was the last one? Or how can I sign up?

I am in this time.

Last one was started about a month ago but everyones frags perished so this is the reboot...if you want in then sayin you want to compete in this thread enters you for a frag

Sign me up!

Sign me up Please!

I want in on this one. Just need to remove my toadstool...it was a plan of mine anyway.

I'm in too!

Please everyone that signs up please make sure that you show up to get your frag on the designated day. I will be present this time on that day to hand out the frags.

I will remember this time. I am in.

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