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Thought on a huge improvment for the forum

Could we please add a time and date stamp to the posts. I feel like it would be helpful to see when posts were made. Just comparing to some auto forums I'm on.

On the online forum, not the mobile version, it does show a date and time post was made. Will have to see if can show one on the mobile version

I see it on mobile if I turn my phone sideways. It has to do with the display size.

HOWEVER, if anyone has any improvements they would like to see...now would be a great time to mention them. We are currently working on it with a web developer.

Mike, it was supposed to be a surprise ๐Ÿ˜‰ . JK, yes everyone the Forum is going to be a BIG facelift as I had promised and mentioned many times throughout the last year. So, any suggestions would be appreciated

Damn, rotated my phone for the first time and see my request wasn't as smart as I thought lol thanks guys

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