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Sulfur Denitrator

Anybody used a sulfur biodenitrator? My nitrates my been extremely high for the last year and can't get them down.

I have never used anything personally but have spoken to a lot of people that have used the Sulfur Denitrators with success by the Korallin brand. I will more than likely be adding one to my shark system in the future when I add a third shark but for the time being I am going to monitor the system and see if I can get away with just skimming the water and using filter socks.

I just wish I wouldn't have sold my big korallin calcium reactor. I could've used it to put the sulfur in.

Bought a korallin s-3002 biodenitrator. Hopefully the nitrates start going down in about a month.

Excited to hear and see the results

Same here

The effluent from the reactor is reading zero nitrates. I don't have a nitrite test kit but things are looking good so far. It will probably take a few weeks to see any difference since it only drops one drop a second.

I turned up the drip rate on the reactor and my nitrates have dropped down to the lowest they've been in three years- 30ppm. I increased the drip rate a little more hoping they with go down close to zero.

That's awesome Trent. With the types of fish you have I would say that 0 ppm would be a dream number

I will be interested to see if you see more growth out of the corals you have in there.

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