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CO2 Scrubbers

Are they worth it? Have low PH and am lost ok

They will definitely help with ph. I'm just not sure if it's worth chasing ph. I've grown some great corals with some not so "perfect" ph numbers. But if all your other numbers are stable, and where you want them, it might be worth trying out. I would just make sure your alkalinity is perfect first.

Thanks Trent, all of my other numbers are stable. Still dialing in a couple to exact, ph is fluctuates quite a bit and is better after a water change but decreases rapidly after. May put it on the list of things to dial in once I am happy with everything else.

In sheer honesty I have NEVER tested my pH and have grown some very expensive frags in my systems of past and all did well. I monitored calcium, alkalinity, nitrates and magnessium.

Thanks, it is low on my list and am definitely focused on all the above but with the apex have noticed it flucuates a little low in the 7.6 range.

I played with a CO2 scrubber at one time because I could. ๐Ÿ™‚
My ph went from 7.8 (where mine normally is) to about 8.1 and the media lasted about a month, maybe 6 weeks.
If did help it stable out and not flux so much at night, but in the end I did not think it was worth it. ALK has always been my true test and then I go from there.

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