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I have always liked bed the ocean, being a person who grew up in the Midwest, being able to see the things I enjoyed was never easy when I was young. Thank me went in and I moved to Colorado and got involved in aquariums, mainly African Cichlids and some Saltwater, being almost 20 years ago Salt was more isolated and definitely more expensive at the time, As I grew up and got more stable in my career I was able to begin traveling and being able to Scuba Dive. I had to make a tough decision and got out of the aquarium hobby. Now as I get older and time has run its course, the idea of scuba isn

Awesome post Paul....thank you.

Nice setup. What are your stocking plans so far?

Currently the only real plan is a couple of Maroon Clownfish, I am a fan of Acan, Hammer, Zoas and Brain corals, now I am a fan of scoly

Great looking tank, I've heard there are some nice aquariums in CO!

I like the setup!

Not to hikjack but there are some sweet clubs and stores in the Denver area. They are having a good sized swap in a month or so, MASC swap. Went 3-4 years ago. Made me a broke guy really quick. But worth che king out. Met some really nice and knowledgeable people there.

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