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Tank Babies

Lets face it we all have that one fish that you look forward to seeing each time you approach your tank...the one that if you literally could you'd include in your family pictures. Well this is a thread for everyone to show off those tank babies and why they are special. Lets hear it!!!

He looks cool, and not really a pig.

That's a nice looking fish Mike, my fish is pretty self explanatory as my epaulette shark 'Rudy'...he has finally gotten to the point that he is tame enough that he lets me pet him...still working on the holding him part.

Mines not exactly a fish...... Well their not fish at all, their shrimp! I absolutely love my pair of Harlequin shrimps. Everytime I look at my tank, I'm always trying to find them first.

Ceto, my marbled bamboo shark is one of my babies. She's around 23". I also have a Texas cichlid named Walker (as in Texas ranger).



That shark has grown on you quickly hasn't it Trent.

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