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Octopus tank

Starting a thread on my new octopus tank. Getting it setup right now. Using one of my 40gal breeders that is tied into my main system. Just need to get it octopus proof to prevent an escape. More pictures to come.

During transport:


SOOOOOOO, jealous that you will have it but glad it should live a long life provided it doesn't sneak through the pipes.

Jealous as well....always wanted to do a cephalopod tank

Very cool, looking forward to seeing the pics.

Got the rock glued together and plumbing hooked up. Adding substrate and water tomorrow.


Filled with water and introduced the octopus to the new display. She wasn't very happy during the move and let some ink out before I got her in the water. Otherwise seems to be doing alright.


I do not know for sure, but you might want to create move of a cave in one of those arches?
How big do you think it will get? It looks pretty roomy so far. ๐Ÿ™‚

Yeah, I might add another small rock in there to make a better cave. I just wanted to leave plenty of room for it to grow.

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