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Anemone Obsession

Picking up my new anemone tomorrow! It's an [i]S.Mertensii[/i], cannot wait! My buddy has been treating it for a week with ciprofloxacin , and it's looking really good. He has it in a tank with some clarkii clowns, and it is hosting them like a champ. This thing will guarantee a tank upgrade in the future.

Pic he sent me this morning:


Yup, right up your alley. Looks good too.

Very cool.

[quote="Boggers-Mike" post=36795]Yup, right up your alley. Looks good too.[/quote]

Yeah dude knows what he's doing, and I'm seeing more and more sellers treating carpets with cipro. There are threads all over various forums about the successes with it, in not just keeping them alive, but I've seen people bring nems back from the brink.

I pick it up tonight, but man, it's a hike. I gotta go the Jersey and it's not the easiest place to get around with no car. I'm taking 2 trains to get to him, but it's maybe only an hour each way.

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