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Official Thread of the 1000 gal Great Barrier Reef

So, I have spoken about this build many times and now this is the official thread of the system build. This build has had a lot of time and effort poured into the planning and gathering of needed goods and I have enjoyed every second of it. This build is going to be a "trial" build for what is to come in 5 to 10 years when we build our forever home....but for now I hope everyone follows along with this thread as I hope to have it fully stocked and running by Halloween. Yes, I know the initial goal was to have it done for the NAR get together in September but the "Honey-Do" list and the new addition to the family takes priority. So, for those who are new or may have forgotten about what I am doing here is the break down.

DIY tank where I will be utilizing the front and back panels of a 220 and 110 gallon tall tanks to form the sides giving the tank an overall dimension of 6' x 4'. The bottom of the tank will be made out of plywood and sealed with POND ARMOUR. I've done some trials with this sealer and when it dries you seriously need a sledge hammer to break it apart. B/c I don't like looking into the side of my sand bed the bottom 6" of the tank will not be shown in the viewing panel as I will be elevating the glass that far off the bottom of the tank and will give and overall depth around 4'-0" deep. If my calculations are correct then my overall display volume "when completely full" will be around 720 gallons. I will, however, be keeping the water level at about 3'-6" deep as I will be having a surge bucket attached to this system to allows for the 32 gallon surge into the tank.

2....yes 2 Reeflo Gold Hammerhead return pumps rated at a rate of 6000 GPH. One will be designated as only a return pump and the other will not only return to the tank but also give flow through the BIll Wann heat exchanger, MRC media reactors, and be used to fill the quarantine tanks when a new fish arrives...also as a back up incase the other goes out. Inside the display the tank will be given flow by 4-Rossmont MX4100 Powerheads rated at 4100 GPH each and will be linked in tandem with the Rosmont Controlled to give more control of the powerheads and alternating the flows. I will also have a Maxspect Gyre pump inside the tank in the XF280 Model rated up to 6000 GPH. Which will give me a total powered flow of 22,400 GPH inside the tank at one time if I ever decided I wanted to empty my tank with the powerheads.

Bill Wann - 12" tall skimmer with automatic cup cleaner, built in probe holder and a couple other bells and whistles that Bill wanted to try out on a skimmer

Bill Wann Heat Exchanger which will be directly plumbed into the same hot and cold lines as my utility sink off the homes main water heater and will be controlled via a pump and automatic ball valves hooked up to my Apex.

Full Blown Neptune Apex system...New Model...with many flow control plumbed into various locations in the plumbing lines to monitor flow to whatever I deem fit.

Will be made out of a dry goods bulk bin with a fluidized capacity of around 300 gallons...I will be gluing in the baffles myself to get exactly the set up that I want.

[b][u]Tank Inhabitants[/u][/b]
This is a very tough part for me as in the last 2 days I have been struck with tragedy and lost ALL but 2 of my previous stock..including my French Angelfish who was my baby and quite possibly my favorite fish that I have EVER had. I will be replacing all fish and then some once this system is up an cycled. The sharks are fine however as the male is still at NAS safe and sound. Thank you to Scott and Shane of Nebraska Aquatic Supply for housing him for so long...and the female is in LA still waiting transport to NAS. Yes, I will be breeding these two so be looking for pups for sale in the next year. But, here is the stocking list once I get it all rebuilt: (2) Epaulette Sharks...will add another female to the mix in a year or two, French Angel, Powder Blue Tang, Purple Tang, Regal Tang, a school of Barrier Reef Chromis, Anthias Trio of some kind, Annularis Angelfish, Declivis Butterflyfish, Australian Harlequin Tusk, And a Parrotfish compliments of Jim. This is not the final list but will be the beginning for now

[b][u]Tank Theme [/u][/b]
This tank will be basically built for all inhabitants of the Great Barrier Reef and its Eco-System. I will have a couple not indigenous to that area but for the vast majority they will be from the Indo/Australia location. The sand bed will be 6" deep and consist of 3 inches of Miracle Mudd, and 3 inches of Sand bed. This is what will be required for a solid growth of the Turtle grass that I will be adding to the bottom of the tank; as well as, the Red Mangroves that I will be suspending from the surface to allow to root down to the sand bed. This tank will be void of any corals at the moment but anyone who knows me knows I love my SPS.

After a stint with Metal Halides to grow some excellent corals I am back to LEDs. Being that I no longer require the awesome power for growing corals anymore I have turned back to the energy efficient LEDs and am giving a go to the eBay brand ViaSpectra which so far I like. There will be 6 of these lighting the tank.

That's about all I can think of at the moment so if anyone has any questions hit me up. So, now I crack my knuckles and its time to get busy!!!! Not everything I have for this build is shown in the pic but just an idea.

Absolutely sweet build!

This looks awesome project! Can't wait to see the progress! I see your shark every time I go into NAS, good looking guy!

Sweet build, look forward to see how it progresses.

Hey! Is that my old tank in the picture?

I cannot confirm nor deny that previous comment lol

Where is the updates?

Updates to come. I have a lot of pics of my progress so far. Just waiting on some last minute equipment to show up so I can lay everything out and then I will be starting to frame up the fish room walls. Plumber will be coming over in a couple weeks to plumb everything up so I have water and all my PVC water lines will have ball valves attached to them so if I need to disconnect anything I can close off the lines prior to doing so. Yesterday I was nothing but smiles when I went to pic up Rudy. Its been a long and fun journey so far.

waiting....lets go bud. I want to see what that tank has become!

It has not become anything fancy yet, the plywood surround has been framed up, and a layers of pond armour put down, glass on one side siliconed in but the 220 has not been taken apart as of yet....at a stand still right now until my equipment from Mr. Bill Wann, arrives so I can layout the fish room and know how much room I actually need and then after that studs will go up, then plumbing, then electrical

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