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This is not something typical of what NAR does but we have decided that now was the time. This is the announcement of the FIRST EVER NAR FRAG SWAP. This event will be hosting only LOCAL vendors of either our LFS' or Local Reefing Enthusiasts who need to prune up and thin out their frag racks/tanks. We will also have AMAZING raffle prizes. See info below:

[b][u]Date:[/u][/b] August 26, 2017
[b][u]Time:[/u][/b] 11 A.M. - 3 P.M.
[b][u]Location:[/u][/b] We have a couple places lined up just working on finalizing and will announce ASAP
[b][u]Raffle Prizes:[/u][/b] 220 Gallon Undrilled and Newly Sealed Aquarium, 60 lbs Pukani Dry Rock (donated by BRS), 3 Stage RO/DI (Donated by BRS), Gift Card Via Plattsmouth Pets


Cost is $5 to get in the door. If you are a current NAR Club Member entrance is free. If you sign up the day of the Frag Swap for either an Individual or Family Membership you will not only not have to pay the $5 entry fee but will get a FREE Raffle Ticket to enter into the Drawings.

If you are interested in selling corals at this event please respond to this post or PM me here and will supply you with my personal Phone number and give details associated with selling at this event.


Excited for the raffle. I would love a 220 gallon freshwater tank but my wife might not agree.

The frag swap is this Saturday and starts at 11 am. Hope to see everyone there.

Planning on coming even though my tank isn't quite ready yet.

Where is the frag swap being held?

Biltmore Apartment Complex.

I will find the exact address to the location of the Clubhouse of an adjacent building to make this easier. At the current moment for those that can find their way to the Biltmore Apartment Gym on Papillion Parkway this snipit will be able to direct you to the building.

To everyone attending tomorrow this is a screen shot of what I believe to be the easiest route to the Frag Swap Location. I will be trying to put signs out in the morning to help direct people but if not then this is the easiest way.

-Start at the intersection of Blondo & Papillion Parkway and take a RIGHT and head SOUTH
-On your 3RD LEFT you will then turn left....take your first RIGHT
-Take your second left by the garages..drive straight until you come up to your first right and take a RIGHT
-The building will be on your RIGHT HAND SIDE

I sincerely apologize about the confusing directions and location BUT it is a good spot and looks to be a good time. For those only interested in the raffle items we will be drawing them at 2:30 PM and the winning ticket must be present at the drawings to win. Being that we only have the room until 3 PM this should give adequate time for everyone to still have a minute to shop around and get their possible winnings loaded up. I hope to see everyone there and meet a few new faces. Don't be afraid to come up and say HI.


I just want to send out a big THANK YOU to everyone who was involved who made our First Ever Frag Swap a success. From the BOD members who helped get this organized, the Local vendors who spent their Saturday at the swap, and everyone who showed up to check out the nice corals and take a chance at all the raffle items. Thank you Jay S., JJ B., Andrew P., Rob D., Jaxson K., Sam M., and Mike B. For selling. And lastly thank you to the anonymous man that helped us out and allowed his daughter to pull the raffle tickets for us. The winners are listed below.

Plattsmouth Pest $50 Gift Card - Mike B.


60# Pukani (Donated by BRS) - Gerrit S.


4 stage RO/DI (Donated by BRS) - JJ B.


220 gallon tank - Adam P.

I hope everyone had a great time and I was happy to get the chance to meet all of you.




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