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Needing some help from the reefing community

So, as a lot of you know I am in the process of the final planning and organizing of the shark system. My new home will be completed and ready for me to move in on July 14, and I need some final bits of information of how to accomplish my latest idea in my upcoming build. Being that my tank will be void of all coral I am looking for another way to bring some life to the tank outside of its inhabitants. So, I have decided that I am going to try to cover the bottom of my tank with Turtle Grass and suspend some Red Mangroves at the tank surface for them to root down to the substrate over time. The question I am seeking help on is what should I use as an appropriate substrate for the Turtle grass to thrive and eventually a substrate for the mangroves to root down into? I have considered Fiji Mud....yes I know its use is for refugiums but figured maybe I could use it as my base below my sand and crushed coral layers. Then, being that my aquatic experiences were in the freshwater realm originally, I considered that maybe Flourite would work. I am asking if anyone has tried accomplishing this before in a Saltwater Set up so that I can give my system the best starting point possible as I do know that Turtle Grass is a slow grower and picky.

There are a few different reef 'mud' that should work well. You will need at least 3" of mud and then sand on top. To make it go farther, mix the mud with sand.

I would suggest growing the mangroves in fresh water if you can as they grow faster that way.

I have considered doing that for the mangroves as I have read that on some online forums. and the plan is to have 6" of substrate on the bottom of the tank as the viewing panels I am going to have raised 6 to 7 inches off the bottom of the tank to allow for this deep sand bed.

which reef "mud" would you suggest for this application Mike?

Fiji mud or Miracle mud...or mix them will be fine.

Wouldn't the sharks dig up the mud? I don't see putting mud in the display going well...

Epaulettes aren't really known for digging the substrate unless they have located a worm or some sort of food in it. Being that the Mud would be below 2 inches of sand and disturbing of the Mud shouldn't be a big issue.

I don't think it will be an issue either. I've never seen this family of sharks move the substrate around.

I've seen some nice refugiums with some huge mangroves but never in a display tank. Interested in seeing this happen.

Only collected Thalassia propagules will make it, not the plants, but they are seasonal (August/September). Seedlings will do fine in any substrate, even bare bottom per Julian Sprung.

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