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SPS Growout discussion and participant list

My vote is for a 6 month or full year peppermint shrimp breeding contest.

I'm liking the ideas!

I am liking the ideas as well. The next grow out will begin shortly with the zoanthids. Rob Davis will be the one supplying the frags and selling them at the NAR Frag Swap on August 26th. Please, anyone and everyone interested in this contest please respond as I will be getting a thread created for that ASAP. Rob needs to know how many frags to cut

Count me in!

I had planned on going to the frag swap, so count me in!

I wont be able to make it to the frag swap due to work, but let me know if we are still doing this!

This is still happening to my knowledge. Rob Davis will be handing them out at the Frag Swap this weekend for all planning to compete. To all competing we will be creating a thread for the competition once we know who all is competing.

I would be interested in getting in on the zoa grow out

Ok, I lied, I will be able to make the swap. I was confused and thought it was this last weekend. I will be coming up. I still want to do the grow out contest.

Side note if anyone is interested in any of my frags let me know. I could bring them to Omaha for the swap.

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