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Shiny New Things - Testing new products

So, the BRS fairy brought me some new shiny toys to add to the new system when it is up and running later this year. First addition was a brand new Reeflo Hammerhead/Barracuda Gold Hybrid and the other were (5)-Mover MX4100 power head by Rossmont at 4100 GPH a piece. These power heads have excellent reviews and are controllable if I wish them to be. Will be adding them with my Gyre pumps and gonna create some crazy flow in the shark tank when I need it. Will keep everyone updated on what I feel about the power heads.


Yay!! I love hearing reviews about new gear. I'll be following.

Very nice of the BRS fairy. I would be interested to hear about them as well and how they compare to the APEX powerheads.

I read many many online reviews on them prior to buying 5 and have yet to really see a bad one. Most ratings are 4 of 5 or 5 of 5 and for the price tag of $120 bucks tell me another company that will get you a powerhead over 4000 GPH that, when paired with a controller, will give you 5 different modes, is WiFi controllable, and has great reviews.

I have used the Reeflo pumps for years and have been completely happy with them. Run the same pump on my system now.

Yeah, I had a Reeflo Tiger Shark at one time but the power draw for that pump for the GPH I thought was a bit high, considering I can get 6000 GPH with this unit for only a third the power draw. I love my Eheim pumps that I have but from what I have seen is that they don't make anything as big as this otherwise I would look into buying one. Looking forward to hooking everything up in the future as I'll have almost 31,000 GPH throughout my display if I have everything at full power in my rossmont powerheads and gyre pumps

Looks like you got some awesome equipment! What size tank are they going in?

It will be a Tidal Pool Tank with Epaulette Sharks and my current fish that I have right now. Tank sizes right now that I am considering are between 550 to 750 gallons. Total system volume will be in the 700 to 900 gallon range dependent on the final display tank size.

So, after using the new Rossmont powerhead for a week now all I can way is WOW!!! It has a low profile in the tank...not as low as a Vortec but also only a third of the cost....and it moves some water. No, negatives out of my mouth so far but the items are new so we will see if everything I have been reading about them continues to hold true. Will do a better/more informative write up when I am building the new system in the next few months.

So.....I preordered my Neptune Apex Flow Monitor equipment today....pretty upset that they don't have a flow monitor for 1.5" diameter schedule 80 PVC but will just have to get some adaptors to make it work. Anyone else interested in these? BTW the Rossmont powerhead is an absolute STUD. Moves some great water.

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