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Fish pics

Two new fish Rhomboid and Angular Flasher Wrasse. Then finally got a pic of my elusive Leopard Wrasse.





Beautiful pics of your wrasse. I'm a wrasse guy myself....I have a yellow wrasse, timor wrasse, and a lubbocks wrasse. Such cool fish with intresting personalities. I want a leopard wrasse, but I'm scared of having it die

Thanks for the compliment! As long as it has passive tank mates and sand to bury itself and a ton of pods you should be fine. I hear they do better in a trio but I have only one. Mine started out eating pods before switching over to frozen. It's good to have black worms, live brine if possible when trying to get them to switch over. I have success with them eating Hikari brine or Reef Frenzy.

Nice looking fish.

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