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Has anyone attempted to use them?
Any luck growing them out?

I have been considering a new setup, but think I would have to grow them out for a few years before I could get the look I would want.

I see a lot of the larger systems that do use them. I believe they would help in nutrient reduction if they were healthy. Plus you could create a pretty sweet ecosystem once they root

I had some at one point. I thought they grew fairly fast as long as you have good water quality. I lost mine I stopped doing water changes.

Thx, I am thinking of doing a freshwater setup with them until they grow up a bit. Got one black Mangrove, and 5 red coming.

I started with 4 red mangroves about a year and some change, and have 3 doing pretty well with foliage on them. They suck up magnesium pretty quick, so I dose a few ml every week or week and a half. I don't do anything special, my tank runs pretty low in nutrients even though I try and feed heavily(mostly sps). not sure how well they do at removing nutrients, but they sure look cool. I tried planting one outside in a pot, but it croaked. Good luck Mike!!

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