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Hello everyone.
I bought a complete, less lighting, 120g reef from a great guy in Bellevue, that is moving to Texas and can't take it with him.
He's keeping his lights and skimmer to set up another one at a latter date.

I have spoken to a few of you guys in the past about my bad health, and that I may need help at some point. Well, now's the time. lol
As a two year old I had a bad fall, was knocked out and in a comma for four days. Doctor said I may be ok, or may be a "vegetable", (couldn't get away with the today) lol....So, I have brain damage that affects my memory, and other stuff, but mainly I have bad headaches, to migraine amount of pain to these "zaps:, that I've called since a toddler, that feel like the outdoor bug zappers in peoples backyard. I have the pain 24/7 and can change 100 times per day. I have a scale of 1 to 10 on the amount of pain. The zaps are the worst pain, even over me having broken bones, torn ligament's, burns, etc. all my life. Because of the pain stress I also have muscle headaches. I'm also a diabetic so I/we need to keep a look out for that.

I can feel good but then real bad all day long, so if I did this move with only my wife, I may not get the move done, and that can't happen of course. The owner won't be able to help as he just had surgery on his shoulder.


Mike Boggers is willing to help and I need 2-3 others. It may be next Sat 24th, at about 9:00 AM. OR maybe the following Sat. This may change as it's not set in stone yet. I need to confirm with any of you that will be helping and of course, with the owner. I know he wants it all gone soon.

I have a couple of Brute garbage cans, four 5g water jugs, around 10 one gallon milk jugs that are for R/O evaporation and several cat litter buckets that have lids, and many foam fish shipping containers for the fish. I can get large leaf bags. I don't have any other big garbage cans, so if any of you that will help, I'll ask if you have some ?

I should leave the smaller 32g Brute here, and have fresh saltwater ready in it.
I'd like to take as much of his saltwater with us. He does have a few 5g containers we can use.

He has a few real large rock scape's that are glued together, so their big & heavy, have a few corals and a anemone attached, so we'll need at least my two Brute cans for them. Not a lot of small pieces though.

I have a midsize truck, a Dodge Dakota Quad Cab, that we can put the fish on the back seat to help keep temps at a safe level.
I don't know if I'll need any battery operated air pumps & air stones ? If so, I can order any on Monday. Do I need to be concerned about keeping temps right for corals ?

The 120g tank is all glass and heavy and a pine stand. No hood.

I can buy a few tarps to cover his and our floors and we will need many,....towels. (we have maybe 8 or so) if you have any to bring, please do ! (can't have too many) !

Please chime in with any information, advise and ideas on what we need to do etc....

Patty and I live in Eagle, 10 miles east of Lincoln.
Feel free to call anytime. 402-781-2322

Maybe I can set up a BBQ and beer dinner, when it's all done. B)

Below are some photo's that the owner sent me. His name is Daniel Rodrigues and is helping us all to keep safe, in the Air Force !





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