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I really like the Reef Savvy Ghost Overflow, except the $250 price. Don't want to afford it, so I'm asking if anyone that has expierance with building acrylic, to help me build a Ghost system for my 125g mixed reef. I've never built wih acrylic. I do have a table saw, but no router.

Please call anytime.


402-781-2322 (Eagle)

I do not trust a DIY glue job for a person that has not done it much if at all.

That being said, there are lots of knock off Ghost Overflows out there. Even Eshopps has one for about $100.

I got to see Eshopps' new one in action at MACNA. Def worth the price. That said, bonding acrylic is super easy, just be steady and don't stop.

I don't think it's too hard for us DIY people, just need guideness and watch YouTube vids. lol...
The Eshoppes looks nice though.

This is another high quality overflow. He can make a 35" long overflow and his sump kit, which is also very nice, for apx $250.


Sump kit- (55g)

Sump Kits

His business thread on Reef2Reef.


You could buy the tank from PETCO dollar per gallon, and cut beveled glass for a fraction of those costs.

I do have a 55g donor ! lol...

Have you ever built one ?

[quote="427HISS" post=35844]I do have a 55g donor ! lol...

Have you ever built one ?[/quote]

Many, many times. I've been around a minute.

Wanna talk a build ?

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