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HELP,...To Buy Apex Or Not ?


I feel like a dumb blonde (wife's a blonde and love her) whether to spend a lot of money and buy a Apex or not.
I 'm at home most of the time, but feel ill a lot, so having a computer to help or even save, my fish & corals would be great, but do I need it and, to spend all that money ?

On a different well known forum, last week I found a guy selling a very nice used Apex Gold system for $610. We PM'd several times and got him down to $400. I paid via PayPal, then the next day, he said he had a higher offer and if I wanted it, I'd have to pay the additional money to bring it up to his $610 ! Really pissed me off ! :angry: :angry: :angry:

Anyway, I did find another Gold system for $400, but I admit, I don't understand electronics and would need a lot of help to get what I want and getting it to work for my needs. $800 is way too much money, I may be wrong,...but by the time I have all that's needed to control my tank, it can be thousands !

I realize, to each it's own,...but should I invest ?

Invest! If you have thousands invested in fish and corals then a small price to pay to protect the investment

Ok, do I need a separate module to control ,say like, a skimmer, another one for probes, temp, salinity, pumps, leak detection etc,...?
Each one is about $85 !

Which Apex model would you recommend, the Gold, the Jr. etc ?

Yes, you will likely need to buy extra modules and probes - and it does add up, quick!

My advice for you is to lay out what you want the system to do from an automation standpoint. Then start determining what it will take to get you there, and the associated costs.

I'm an Apex fan and user, but at the same time it's easy to view an Apex as a fancy lamp timer that you can control over the Internet :S

For some, it's not worth it...

I couldn't do it Kevin. I agree they are nice to have and being able to monitor things better would be nice. However, I do not see the cost justifying the benefits for me.

Hey Mike, even if I bought a new one for the $800, I'd still need more additions which means from $1,000 to over $2,000.
If I was away from home a lot, it would be great, but I'm home most of the time.

With the used one for $400, again I would need other products to go with it, so I may,.....take that $400 and build my 125g's steel stand.

I actually just purchased the brand new model and still in the programming phase of it. Haven't had a lot of time to commit to it with the business but I can tell you it's a lot easier to program than the Gold model (was replaced by new model). With the new system I have been told by some people who run some larger systems that you don't have the extra modules that you used to have in the previous set up. Like Mike and Phil have said is it is all in your frame of reference for the prices you wanna pay. I'm not home as much as I used to be so having the ease of mind to just open my phone and look at my apex numbers puts me at ease

What's the name of the new one ? (OK, Neptune Systems EB832) $800 one I was talking about)

I can see that with you not being at home much of the time, being able to check and adjust what ever you want, would be great. Adding a computer camera would also be awesome. For me, just don't know yet ?

Please explain what modules do you have, what are you controlling and if you don't mind, the cost you have so far and what will you be adding , and at what cost ?

Feel free to post photo's, that may help me.

Do you mean that with the new EB832, that you don't need as many modules as the Gold, like you can program the system in a manor that you don't need as many ?

Just watched a short Reef Builders video about the EB832 on YouTube.
It does come with all the probes, but do you need one module for each product you want to control ?
Like, one for your skimmer, one for your lights etc....?

(I keep on editing this with new information I read and now on YouTube)

Man, the EB832 is like the "smart house", for your aquarium !
It reads your power of say the powerheads, not only if it shuts down, but even if the watts is low meaning they need to be cleaned !

Very impressive !

But still the question of, do you need a separate module for each product you want to control ?

No you don't. In the old "Gold" model you needed the PM1 and PM2 modules for salinity and such. With the NEW apex that is all in one nice package with the flip up control brain. It has all those extra module hookups. Now, if you need extra salinity and temp modules then idk but with the new one it comes with a hook up for each. It also comes with the ability to hook things up like, computer fans for cooling etc etc etc. the bulkreefsupply video is a good one to watch. At the current moment I know I will be buying other accessories for everything but for right now I can control everything that is important with the new module for 800. But like I said I'm still in set up/programming phase.




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