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Where do I buy?

I am new to saltwater, I have never had a saltwater set up before so I have been looking for an affordable used set up with a pre-drilled tank, sump, and stand. So far I have had two people change their minds for what ever reason or the buyer needs you to take all the current livestock at the same time. I am not totally ready to set everything up yet so I can't take livestock.
With all of that being said I am looking for recommendations of where to buy new equipment that is affordable and has really helpful customer service since I am just learning. If it is an actual store I need it to be in the Omaha area or in an adjoing area as I live in north central Iowa. If it is an online store I am looking for a one stop site to get everything I need.
I really appreciate any help you can provide.

If you are talking Omaha, Nebraska Aquatic Supply/Rivers &Reefs/ Fish Freaks are all places I go to get things. Most also get used equipment in on trade so you might be able to find some deals that way, but you are limited to what is there.

There is a group in iowa GIRS (greater Iowa reef society) that might be able to help you find a closer fish store (Des Moines maybe)

Online I like MarineDepot.com and bulkreefsupply.com

Do you have a tank size or plans as to what you want to keep? That will help determine equipment.

Mike stated the stores here I like to use http://www.petsolutions.com myself for about anything lol free shipping always over 50 bucks

For a tank you can never really beat the Dollar Per Gallon sale at Petco. That is unless you are looking to start with a tank bigger than 55 gallons. if you are a DIY person you could get a tank and sump for 110 dollars or less....neglecting taxes and what it would cost to drill and put baffolds in the sump. The rest just shop around for the best deals.

What size of tank are you interested in?

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