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60g Cube

Gald to see you are still in the game. Frags look great. I went back through this thread and still can believe you let that gorg go. Have fun with it. Biotope sounds fun.

Yeah, I am not likely to get out completely anytime soon. I did get to a point where I wasn't sure what to do with the tank. I wasn't happy with the look but I didn't have a plan on what I did want it to look like.
So, I sold almost everything and just let is sit with 2 clowns and a few corals figuring if I removed corals and fish I would be less likely to overfeed and I could continue with LRS(lazy reefer syndrome). The Anthelia went to town and my last remaining toadstool grew a bit too.
Now that I have a plan I did a big 20G water change last night and scraped off as much anthelia as I could. I got a few corals that match the region (looking for more.) Changed the rockwork around and next will be sourcing some fish.

I am thinking 3-5 Chalk Bass
1 green banded goby (or pair if they come in that way)
either a royal gramma or Swiss Guard Basslet

Quick FTS now that I have removed a TON of anthelia coral.

Looking good. Very purple.

No doubt, but I had removed all pretty coral a bit ago while I figured out what next.
The new corals are small and off to the sides for now.

I started putting frags in my 75 gal mixed reef. If I start a thread I put some pics up. Waiting to hear from salty.

I dropped some pics of my display. 75gallon mixed reef

Added 3 chalk Bass, Molly Miller blenny, ricordia, and a sun coral today.
I have been eyeballing the sun coral for at least 8 months and hope I am up for it. So far they have stayed open for the most part all day.



Moved some things added some macro, but it isn't doing so hot right now. The pic quality blows but gives you an idea of the FL theme I am going for.

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